Meet the herd.
The staff at Mountain Horse Adventures holds the highest standards of care for our four legged friends. All of our horses are loyal and experienced trail horses who have been treating guests to mountain adventures for several seasons.

Family and friends are the working staff at Mountain Horse Adventures.

The staff roster includes;  Smokey, Jiggs, Moon, Selle, Shadow, Jaques, Boudreaux, Iko, Trout, Galactic, Rochambo, Bones, Ketchup, Pepper, Amos, Cinnamon , Chicory, Sundance, Cuervo and Felix.

Matt & Thunder

Matt- owner and Licensed Outfitter

Chrissy- staff veterinarian, Guide and wife of Matt.

Charity, Dylan and Ches, are also on board. All  very experienced, and friendly licensed guides.

Avery bringing up the rear (At 4years old)
Indigo is sure to be trouble

Matt and Chrissy’s son, Avery (he’s 14)  the (kid public relations manager) and daughter Indigo(6) who is in charge of “bucking out” the new horses, is the youngest staff member.

Ahab, who started this fool idea of having the horses work too.

Trail rides on Schweitzer Mountain, and in the Cabinet Mountains near Sandpoint, Idaho